Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy S3

Will the coming soon Samsung Galaxy S3 make a clean sweep in the Smart Phones arena?

The latest hit from Samsung Galaxy family which created history in the smart phone category was Galaxy S2 which also put the Apple & it sales down with its popularity and sales figures in its own smart phones category.

Ready and soon going to be in the markets Samsung Galaxy S3 is all set to create history and give customers totally a new experience all together.

Let’s see how? Exynos 5250 is the master step from Samsung for being ahead of all their competitors by a huge margin. This dual core chip with 2GHz is the successor to the one which is currently is being used in the much talked Samsung Galaxy S2 and most probably will power the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Phones are confidently stating that this chip will make all the difference in the smart phones arena as this will be 4 times faster in comparison to its older handsets and will be giving 2560 X1600 resolution compatibility and states will also support stereoscopic 3d.

As the new Samsung Galaxy Note even this handset will be TABLET oriented and will not make you miss or will make you go for a tablet.

So Samsung has made sure that they will create and create something which is much ahead then the current competition by bringing a chip called Exynos 5250 memory bandwidth up to 12.8 Gbps and has used low-power HKMG 32nm process and has two ARM-based Cortex-A15 cores. This is talked about in the tech circles that this will be one of its types and the first of its kind system on chip which will be able to clock 2 GHz.

Samsung Phones have put full stop to all its critics of launching Samsung Galaxy S3 with 1.8GHz by bring Exynos 5250 in action. So let’s wait for 2012 when this mighty handset will get launched from SAMSUNG!!