All About The Galaxy Tab

You have for sure all ready heard about Samsung's Galaxy Tablet and how cool of a tablet it is!

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Everybody want the Galaxy Tablet these days, and it is understandable because it is a very cool gadget.

If you thought that the Ipad was the only cool tablet on the market you are for sure wrong. The Galaxy Tablet are packet with tons of cool stuff whether you want to use your Galaxy for work while you are on the move or just want to play around with the many features that are build in.

Despite the size is much smaller than other tablets on the market, do not underestimate the power of the galaxy, just because you need a 50 inch Television Screen does not means that your tablet has to be big, 7 inch is fine.

The Galaxy Tablet is a little power full workhorse that are combined with the perfect balance of portability that helps you with all the need you might have when you are on the move or for that matter are to lazy to go over and turn on your computer.

A few very good details are that the Galaxy Tablet from the beginning are born with both 3G and Wifi so you do not need to worry about whether you did the right decision or not when it comes to 3G.

A very cool camera are build in as well which the Ipad does not have.

Here are some of the many features you will have with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet:

- Multitasking
- Minimum screen transitions when for example accessing emails
- Swype for super fast input, *1.5 times faster than using your thumb to write with
- Calender that combines your Facebook, Google and Outlook Calender
- Full Screen view and simple editing of documents
- Use of a Keyboard dock if your fingers are to bog for the 7 inch screen
- Multi communication channel with integrated phonebook
- Keep updated with your friends posts on whatever social network you might like
- Voice Calling
- Video Conference
- Real time sharing of what I see (let your friends see you do groceries)
- The Perfect E-Book reader device
- Hub access for all the music you may like
- (1024*600) ultra sharp crisp display
- Flash 10.1 and Html 5 support
- Full HD content streaming to bigger screen resolutions
- Easy access to all applications on the Android market
- Full view of location based service on the move

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