Samsung Galaxy S2 features and applications

A very cool smartphone from Samsung is before you.  This smartphone is yet to be launched. A product that belongs to a high end classification, providing you a new way of mobile generation.  Well, here we are with the features and some geek work which can be practiced in this very amazing product from Samsung.  If you know something more about Samsung Galaxy S2 then you are most honored to comment on the post and share your views.
Samsung Galaxy S2

Some GEEK work on Samsung Galaxy S2:
How to add shortcut in touch wiz user interface of Galaxy S2?
-         Well, to do so simply go to home screen, press the screen in the blank space where it is free from icons.  The phone will pop up a menu which consists of lot of options which includes shortcut options.  Using the shortcut option you can set shortcut for your favorite app.
How to reset Samsung Galaxy S2?
-         There are three ways to reset Samsung Galaxy S2 to factory defaults. First one through dialer, second one through settings and the final one by Recovery mode. Let us see one by one.
How to reset through Dialer?
-          In dialer enter 2767*3855# and dial. Your phone will reset to factory defaults.
How to reset through setting?
-         Go to settings from Menu, and select Privacy, Factory data reset.
How to do Factory Reset through Recovery Mode?
-         Power off the phone, press and hold Vol. Up + Home + Power. Use the Vol. keys to navigate the menus and Home to action.
How to add contacts to Home Screen?
-         Hold down on any home screen blank space, select shortcuts from options, then you chose contacts then you choose a contact to stick them on the home screen, or you can choose direct message/dial and then a contact to do the same with that feature.
How to fix Home Screen and apps disappear on Startup?
-         Some users have reported that, by going to settings-> accounts->and Sync. Uncheck both background sync and auto sync will solve this issue.  
How to sort videos by list?
-         Access the movie through your file explorer instead of the gallery, that way you can see the name of the movie on the file.
How to increase call value?
ü  When max volume is set, it is actually sets default setting of 87 out of 100 . For changing default setting please follow below steps.
ü  Call this number *#*#197328640#*#*
ü  This will open the service mode menu.
ü  Choose option [5] AUDIO
ü  Choose option [1] (VOICE CALL)
ü  Choose option [1] HANDSET
ü  Choose option [1] Volume
ü  Choose option [1] SRC Speech RX Volume
ü  Choose option [5] 5_lvl : 87
ü  Press the menu button (left side)
ü  Choose Key Input
ü  Enter a value between 0 and 100, I choose 100 the loudest setting.
ü  Press ok
ü  Now press the menu button and select back this should save (don’t use the right side back key you normally use to navigate the phone or you will quit out of the settings) keep hitting the menu and back until you leave the service mode menu.
ü  You will also note you can change volume settings for other things like Bluetooth, head sets, video call etc.
Note: This is not permanent. When phone get restarted, settings resets back to the default levels.